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Version 0.3 now available. This is an early demo for Casus, an old-school first person dungeon crawler. Your main goal is to map the dungeons as you explore them, fighting against wildlife and other enemies as you progress.  I appreciate any feedback that you have (I need it to make the game better)! All classes are now available to play.

Controls and How To Play

You have equipment and talent points when starting the game. Make sure to equip yourself and choose your spells (by clicking the gear icon in the upper left to open the menu).

WASD - Movement
QE - Strafe
Right Click (Hold) - Move the camera to look, or move the map
Middle Click - Zoom out the map
Space/Left Click - Progress dialogue
Left Click to interact with practically anything in the level that isn't a wall or tree.


Health Points (HP) - Your health
Stamina (STA) - Used to cast spells, can be restored with items and at rest locations
Strength (STR) - Increases the power of any damaging attacks
Tenacity (TEN) - Reduce the amount of damage you take from attacks
Agility (AGI) - Determines turn order, also determines chance to escape combat
Expertise (EXP) - Increases the amount you can heal, also increases effectiveness of healing items

Status Effects:

Slow - Effected target will always act last
Confusion - Effected target will randomly choose their target
Stun - Effected target can't act
Bind - Effected target takes 50% increased damage
Poison - Effected target takes 20% of maximum health in damage every turn
Fear - Effected target has 50% to be stunned, and 50% to act first
Burn - Effected target takes 30% of current health in damage every turn
Death - Effected target will die at the end of the turn


Early Combat

Follow The Game's Progress



Install instructions

Unzip "Casus_V0.3_Windows_x86_64.zip".
Open "Casus.exe" to play.


Casus_V0.3_Windows_x86_64.zip 102 MB

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