Demo Version 0.2

Hello again! This post will layout the changes made to the Casus demo since version 0.1. Read on if interested.

Bug Fixes

-Corrected UI scaling for resolutions other than 16:9
-Battle screen transition sometimes activated twice
-Confused enemies would apply a status effect to a wrong target
-Dialogue sometimes didn't trigger when clicking on objects in dungeon
-Escaping from combat didn't save the player's health correctly
-Settings sometimes triggered 2 sounds at once

Battle Changes

-Adjusted enemy overhead text size
-Adjusted battle UI text size and layout slightly
-Enemy bodypart HP now stays at zero once killed; enemies will instantly die if all 4 body parts are destroyed
-Enemies are now randomly encountered instead of on static tiles
-Battle damage text display has been updated to look better when attacking multiple targets
-Map (and game data) is now saved upon game over
-Enemy values significantly changed to balance for quicker fights
-Added damage text animation for critical hits

Dungeon Map And UI Changes

-Increased map processing efficiency greatly
-Map now follows players when zoomed in
-Map icons now fit their tiles more
-Adjusted trash bin icon to change color when dragging buttons
-Moving enemies now are display on the game map
-Map tile coloring, line drawing, and button placing adjusted to look more visually appealing
-Items are now equipped by left/right clicking instead of dragging and dropping

Crafting System

-Crafting system is now in the game, enemy drops and chest drops adjusted to support it
-The player can now craft weapons, armor, and consumables using items found in the dungeon
-Item crafting log added under INFO tab in the menu

Other Changes

-Physical locks added to locked doors to make it more obvious
-Some tutorial icons and text has been added to the game
-Movement slider options added, allowing you to change your movement speed as desired
-Improved loading times when exiting battle mode
-Added ambient sound that will increase as the player gets closer to a random encounter
-Added campfires in levels for the player to save
-Added grading scene at the end of each dungeon level
-Music in dungeon now resumes from last point after finishing a battle
-Added every class and secondary class into the game

As always, I welcome all feedback and bug reports. Thanks for reading!

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Great great backbone. Couple of issues thus far:

Transitioning between combat and the map, or just starting back onto the map from the main menu, resets the resolution and I assume other graphics settings.

The auto tile maker, the one that highlights each new tile per step, does not log each step when you're set to the fastest walking speed.

That's about it so far!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into those bugs.